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Tips on trips from Jindřichův Hradec

Like the Jindřichův Hradec town itself, is attractive for visitors and the entire region Jindřichův Hradec.

Trips in the Jindřichův Hradec region


A unique attraction that will make your stay more interesting is a train ride on the historical narrow railway. It is interesting to point out that the rails are only 760 mm apart. One route leads from Jindřichův Hradec to Nová Bystřice (33 km, with 12 stops since 1897) – to the area called the "Czech Canada". The second route goes from Jindřichův Hradec to Obrataň (46 km, with 19 stops since 1906).


The Czech Canada, photo by: Archiv Vydavatelství MCU s.r.o.
It is a territory with several national parks, located in the southeast of Jindřichův Hradec (between the cities Kunžak, Slavonice and Nová Bystřice). A suitable land for hikers, bikers and for cross country skiing in the winter with typical forest corners, creeks and with huge boulders. The highest peak is the High Stone hill (738 m) south of Kunžak, 15 km from Jindřichův Hradec.


Distance from Jindřichův Hradec: 15 km SW | GPS: 49°4'7.42"N, 14°54'35"E
Stráž nad Nežárkou, photo by: Archiv Vydavatelství MCU s.r.o.
The castle in this small village, located 15 km southwest of Jindřichův Hradec is associated with Ema Destin (1878-1930), a famous opera singer, who chose this place for her home. A large exposition dedicated to Ema Destin can be seen here.


Distance from Jindřichův Hradec: 15 km NE | GPS: 49°14'47.419"N, 14°53'6.809"E
Červená Lhota, photo by: Archiv Vydavatelství MCU s.r.o.
15 km northeast from Jindřichův Hradec. A chateau with a typical red facade is a popular tourist destination for all visitors of South Bohemia. The renaissance appearance of the chateau was achieved during the reconstruction of the original gothic castle fortress. Thanks to its location on an island in the middle of the pond and surrounded by a natural, charming park, it breaks the heart of every visitor.


Distance from Jindřichův Hradec: 20 km NE | GPS: 49°15'14.97"N, 15°11'24.677"E
Žirovnice, photo by: Archiv Vydavatelství MCU s.r.o.
At the edge of the township on a rise above the artificial fishpond stands a medieval castle, the original appearance of which has been subjected to frequent renovations and a fire. The reconstructed interiors are noq open to the public.


Distance from Jindřichův Hradec: 27 km SE | GPS: 49°1'26.76"N, 15°13'49.36"E
Landštejn, photo by: Archiv Vydavatelství MCU s.r.o.
These are the ruins of a magnificent castle on the Bohemia-Moravia-Austrian border. It was built from the beginning of the 13th century and is therefore one of the oldest stone castles in Bohemia. It fell into decay after a lightning strike and fire in 1771. Today, it is open to the public, including the tower, the summit of which provides distant views.


Distance from Jindřichův Hradec: 30 km SW | GPS: 49°0'13.1"N, 14°46'14.339"E
Třeboň, photo by: Archiv Vydavatelství MCU s.r.o.
a spa town on the bank of the pond Svět (30 km from Jindřichův Hradec), integrated into an extensive pond system, built during the 16th century. The renaissance castle served as the residence of the last Duke of the Rosenberg family – Peter Wok († 1611). Its surroundings offer ideal conditions for tracking and hiking.


Distance from Jindřichův Hradec: 35 km N | GPS: 49°25'27.641"N, 15°0'49.741"E
Kámen, photo by: Archiv Vydavatelství MCU s.r.o.
Kámen is a preserved castle standing on a lonely cliff. It was established at the start of the 14th century as the seat of a small aristocratic house. The small construction site meant space had to be used economically and numerous renovations had to be made, so that the castle became a romantic dominant feature of the landscape. Today, there is an exhibition of historic motorcycles located inside the castle.


Distance from Jindřichův Hradec: 36 km E | GPS: 49°4'50.581"N, 15°26'15.49"E
Dačice, photo by: Archiv Vydavatelství MCU s.r.o.
This town lies in the historic terricory of Moravia and it is rich in interesting cultural monuments. The most visited building there is the classicist New Chateau (Nový zámek), which was reconstructed at the start of the 19th century and is open to the public along with its English park. However, the town is also home to another chateau known as the Old Chateau (Starý zámek), which comprises a palatial Renaissance building with covered graffito (not open to the public). We also should not omit the Franciscan monastery, which now houses the town museum. A local curiosity is situated opposite the New Chateau: it is a modest monument in the shape of a sugar cube commemorating the fact that sugar was pressed into the shape of a cube for the very first time in Dačice in 1843.


Distance from Jindřichův Hradec: 38 km SE | GPS: 48°59'51.515"N, 15°21'8.712"E
Slavonice, photo by: Archiv Vydavatelství MCU s.r.o.
This is an old town lying in the historical territory of Moravia. The local square boats unique preserved rows of Renaissance houses with rich graffito and painstakingly decorated interiors. The view of the delightful landscape of the Bohemia-moravian Highlands (Českomoravská vysočina) can be seen from the tower of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (kostel Nanebevzetí Panny Marie).


Distance from Jindřichův Hradec: 40 km E | GPS: 49°11'3.034"N, 15°27'9.912"E
Telč, photo by: Archiv Vydavatelství MCU s.r.o.
One of the most picturesque towns in the Czech republic is Telč (UNESCO). The earliest known settlement near the Romanesque Church of the Holy Ghost dates from the 12th century. The town´s appearance was especially formed during the Renaissance boom under the reign of Zachariah of Hradec. The fortifications, strengthened by tree artificial lakes, surrounded the historical town, the centre of which includes a spacious square with unique preserved houses with pergolas. On the western side of the town, there is an attractive Renaissance chateau, the Church of St. James, and a former Jesuit hostel with the Church of the Name of Jesus, which stands on the site of an older water castle. Attractive Telč annually attracts lovers of monuments from all over the world.